#BanguiClinic as Michaela served it!

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In June, recent high school graduate, Michaela Scotten made her 2nd team trip with Three Strands. On both trips, Michaela served in the Central African Republic, right in the heart of Africa.

Here are some of Michaela’s observations. We will be featuring them on social media during the month of July.


We took hundreds of bottles of medication to resupply the Three Strands Medical clinic. Myra Taylor, Debbie Limburg and keti Jacques (Little Jack, a TS Central African co-worker) worked diligently to unpack all the suitcases containing- medications, gloves, gauze, lab equipment and countless other things. Then after everything was put into pails they counted out vitamins and Ibuprofen into little bags for the pharmacy.



Thursday is the nutrition clinic that Denise Debona created and runs at the Three Strands facility. Here the children are weighed and their arms are measured every week to see what progress they have made. Once they are up to a healthy weight we have a graduation ceremony for them including a big, healthy meal.



This pastor from Yaloke drove five hours on a motor cycle to get medication for his wife who has an infection. Because the drive is so far, as a precaution, he received extra medication to take home in case the infection persisted. He worked hard to teach one of the students Sango while they were sitting under the Mango tree together.



We hope you’ll be curious enough about this photo (and others yet to be revealed) to tune into Three Strands’ social media in July and see what Michaela saw!

Thank you for your unwavering support of Three Strands!

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