Give the gift of health to a child in the C. A. R.

/ December 9th, 2014 / Comments Off on Give the gift of health to a child in the C. A. R.

Remittance Card-2Would you consider giving the gift of health to a child this year? Three Strands was recently asked to provide healthcare to 600 children in an orphan assistance program in the Central African Republic. Central Africa has experienced a year of political upheaval and violence, resulting in great hardships for many, but children have especially suffered. Doctors Without Borders reported last month that because of the unrest, malaria rates in the C.A.R., which are already high, are spiking.

The orphan assistance program that we are partnering with already provides the children with nutrition and education, but their children often suffer from malaria, parasites, and other untreated childhood diseases. So we said yes.

Three Strands has already built a clinic and hired a healthcare team, but we need help in order to reach all 600 children. We will be treating each child for malaria as they need it, for parasitic diseases, giving them routine healthcare check ups, seeing them when they get sick, and making sure that they get their vitamins regularly. Because we work very hard to keep our costs low, we can do this for $50 per child. Would you consider joining us by investing in a child and giving the gift of health to a child? For more details or to donate, go

Want to do more?  Share this link with your friends and tell them why you are getting involved. It’s one more way to help.

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