Our First Three Strands Baby!

/ February 20th, 2015 / Comments Off on Our First Three Strands Baby!

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We are thrilled to introduce our Three Strands baby! The sweet momma is Dr. Paul’s daughter, Vanessa Rose. Nineteen years ago, Rose was near death as the effects of malaria ravaged her body. Dr. Paul was able to help save Rose’s life thanks to our Mike Taylor & Russ Woda. It was kinda like a game of telephone with serious consequences…Russ had taught Mike a medical procedure that Mike believed would help Rose.  Mike talked Dr. Paul through the steps of the procedure.  Dr. Paul performed the procedure and Rose lived!

Now, a certified medical assistant Rose works, along side her momma and poppa, for Three Strands in the Central African Republic. Her sister Priscile is currently attending college in Burkina Faso and will return to work for Three Strands at the end of her schooling.

We are praising God & asking that this baby be the first of many healthy babies born in the Bangui Three Strands’ clinic!

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