We’re In Relief Mode!

/ January 14th, 2014 / Comments Off on We’re In Relief Mode!

In light of the current crisis, Three Strands has shifted into the “relief mode”. While much of what we do is concerned about long term development, we see the immediate need to provide emergency medicines, emergency medical supplies, and high nutrition foods.¬†Three Strands is very fortunate to have competent and compassionate Central African workers on the ground already providing emergency assistance.

Three Strands is a faith based non-profit providing much needed health care to the underserved of the Central African Republic as well as medical education for Central African health care providers. Our services are provided regardless of ability to pay, race, tribe, ethnicity, gender, or religion.



Pictured: Mother in Bangui receiving emergency food, water, and medical supplies provided by Three Strands this month.


Our goal is to provide assistance in the following ways:

1. Emergency food and water packs – $50/family/week

2. Emergency meds to treat malaria, diarrhea, infectious disease, etc – $25/person/treatment

3. Emergency medical supplies (wound care, post op IV fluids, minor surgical pack, etc)  Р$25/pack/person


Please consider a donation to help us continue to provide this assistance.

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