Who We Are

Our Mission

To provide compassionate, affordable, and Christ-centered medical care focused on both the physical and spiritual needs for the neediest people in the developing world.

We will accomplish this by establishing and maintaining healthcare facilities in these regions that are committed to health education, and the treatment and prevention of disease.

Three Strands provides healthcare to anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, tribe, religion, or social strata.

Three Strands’ Expatriate Teams have a policy to not accept compensation from anyone in return for medical, dental, or surgical services provided to individuals in the developing world.

The Three Strands’ brand will be known throughout the developing world as a standard of quality and compassion.

Our Core Values


Every staff member in the Three Strands’ System will be competent in his or her medical or dental specialty.

Compassion Motivated

Every staff member will be kind and compassionate to each and every person that sets foot onto the Three Strands’ Campuses.

Affordable Health Care

Regardless of your ability to pay, you are guaranteed that Three Strands’ staff will not turn you away because of a lack of financial resources.

Holistic Medicine

We believe that we must treat each and every person with respect and dignity. We will strive to treat the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of every patient in the Three Strands’ System.


The task is too great for Three Strands and we remain committed to forging partnerships with like-minded people who have a heart to alleviate suffering. Three Strands will work in strong collaboration with our national colleagues.


Our primary focus is to create a world-class health care facility that becomes a beacon of hope for suffering people in the developing world. We want a brand that can be recreated in other parts of the world.


To be a member of the Three Strands’ Community means you will be a man or woman of integrity. The following synonyms summarize our definition of integrity: character, morality, and virtuousness.


The national and expatriate staff of Three Strands sees the high value in always being engaged with a student to whom we can pass on our skills.

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