Why Haiti

Haiti is among the poorest countries in the world

Because of their circumstances they are in great need of medical assistance.

Local health care is almost non-existent. Anything medical costs money, (medication, diagnostic testing, surgery, anesthesia, etc) most Haitians cannot afford sufficient food for a day let alone medication.

A little goes a long way in Haiti.

How we started there

Three Strands unofficially began work in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. Mike Taylor took a team for short term, relief help. On that trip Mike met a young man named Thintiot who was in medical school and had a heart to care for his people. Mike and Thintiot joined forces and a mission was made.

At the beginning of this collaboration Three Strands partnered with a church planting organization called Caribbean Vision Ministries to host medical teams to serve the community in Cap Haitien.


From vision to reality

What began as relief work quickly became a vision of continued local health care.

Through lots of prayer, donations and work of many people, Three Strands built a clinic on the property of Caribbean Vision Ministries Bible Institute. Thintiot has since finished medical school and become our full time Physician for the Three Strands’ Grace Clinic in Cap Haitien, Haiti.

We continue to send short term teams to amplify the number of people that can receive medical care. Each trip we are able to replenish the pharmacy at the Grace Clinic as well as encourage Dr. Thintiot and our Haitien friends who continue to work hard to reach people for Jesus through medicine.

Looking ahead

We so excited that Dr. T sees patients 5 days a week and people can have regular health care available to them. In an effort to reach out to people that don’t have the means of transportation to get to the Grace Clinic, we have begun trialing mobile clinics on our short-term teams.

We are hoping to hire another Haitian physician because of the growing number of patients being treated at the Grace Clinic.

We are also looking at another building project to make our clinic more self-sustaining.

Please join us in praying for the funds to build and the circumstances to run a self-sustaining clinic.

Join Us To Change Lives

Join us and you too can make a difference in this place where so many people are suffering. The need is great, but so is our resolve. And with your help, lives can be forever changed.



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