“We want to bring hope to people in desperate need”

-Mike & Myra Taylor, founders

How it began

Our Founders

Mike and Myra Taylor developed a heart for the people in the Central African Republic when in 1989, they picked up and moved their little family to Africa.

For many years they made friends while Mike practiced medicine and Myra put her nursing skills to work, teaching nutrition and practical skills to the women in the villages. In 1998, they returned to the US to finish raising their daughters, but the CAR was never far from their hearts. They longed to provide better medical care to the people they had come to love.

“We wanted to bring hope to people in desperate need.”

How did that story begin?

In the late 70’s, two young men became friends at college in Northern Indiana. After college, Mike went to PA school where he met Myra in her third year of nursing school. Russ and Melinda met in college. Russ became an anesthesiologist and Melinda a nurse.

In 1989, Mike and Myra answered a call to pick up and move their little family to the CAR, a place with great needs. Along with their daughters Rachel and Rebekah, they arrived in the CAR in July of 1989. While living and serving in two remote villages, they fell in love with the people there. In 1991, their third daughter, Kristen, was born.

Although an ocean separated them, the college friendship remained strong. In 1995, Russ and Melinda planned a trip to help deliver Mike and Myra’s fourth daughter, Joanna. During this trip, Russ and Melinda saw the incredible need and experienced first hand the heart of the people of the CAR.

In 2008, Mike and Russ kick-started their dream of providing medical care by leading short-term teams to Bangui. The needs were too overwhelming for the teams to meet during their short stays. It became clear that we needed to provide health care on a day to day basis.

With the goal of training locals to meet the needs of the people, Three Strands has established full time clinics in the CAR. Our staff in Africa now includes young people who have graduated from our scholarship program. These young people completed from their education despite political unrest and multiple obstacles that most of us in the US can not fathom. Today they have paying jobs that support their families and allow them to serve the people in their communities.